Two Little Ladies ~an AGPS~

From the desk of Ella: Hi! Happy Veterans day! I got to play my flute in the school band! Yay! XD I just realized I used four exclamation points in a row. Nice.

I have a PS to share with you guys of Izzy and Marie! Enjoy! ♥

Izzy and Marie: Yay! We get to post first! Even before Elizabeth! And she is always first! Anyhow, here’s a photoshoot Ella did with us a while ago! Enjoy!


Izzy: I love this picture of me! Marie: Stop bragging, Izzy!

DSCN0464Marie: Where are my pictures, Izzy???


Marie: Finally!


Izzy: Sisters! 😀


I ABSOLUTELY love this picture!


So we hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot! Have a great night!


ella,fghjyo and dcfghg


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