Doll sized finds!

Hello! Today I have some awesome finds to share with you! These were found throughout the past year.

Let’s begin.


This is from last year. I got it in the holiday section at Walmart. It’s supposed to be an ornament!


This (also from last year) is from Target I believe.


These cookie cutters were from around the house. I’m sure you could find something similar at a cooking store.


Who loves ketchup? What about doll sized ketchup? My dad got this for me when he went to the Heinz ketchup factory in Pittsburgh.


This is by far a favorite! A doll sized cheese grater?!?! I found it at a cooking store near me.


Ok, so I literally had zero respect for Starbucks up until 9 hours ago. We were at Starbucks and they had these little iced peppermint Mocha samples. I never liked coffee, but it was doll sized. Why not? I LOVED IT.

I hope you enjoyed these finds!

Love you!



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