February Seven ~a Lyrics AGPS~

Hi! Happy Friday! Today I have some really old pictures of Izzy. It’s obvious they’re old because it’s like 12 degrees out. XD Also, credit goes to Avett Brothers and Adi from AG in the Shire!

February Seven ~by The Avett Brothers~

(By the way, I skipped 1 lyric because it was kind of gory and another because it went with the gory one. Sorry.)


I was on a search for something true.


I was almost there when I found you.


Sooner then my fate was wrote


When I awoke, you were standing there.


I was on the mend when I fell through


The sky around was anything but blue


I found as I regained my feet a wound across my memory


That no amount of stitches could repair


But I awoke and you were standing there.


There’s no fortune at the end of the road that has no end.


There’s no returning to the spoils once you’ve spoiled the thought of them


There’s no falling back to sleep after you’ve awaken from a dream


Now I’m rested and I’m ready, I’m rested and I’m ready to begin.

So, did you like it? Right now, it’s 11:15. Now I’m going to take a nap until 10:45 tomorrow.

Love you!

ella and fghjyo


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