Day 8- Baking…..Festive Brownies?


Today Marie-Grace and Elizabeth have a photo story about….. baking festive brownies?….I’ll let them take it from here.


“…I need butter-wait, I already got that- no flour. Aha! Rice flour! Oh, and milk-or water? Hmm…. I guess I’ll pick m-”


“Hi Marie-Grace! What are you doing?”


“I’m making gluten free Christmas brownies.” Marie replied. “Oh yeah, don’t you have that cereal disease or something?” Elizabeth asked. “Yes, and it’s Celiacs disease. Do you want to help?” Marie-Grace corrected her. “Oh sorry. I’d love to help! I’ll take on icing, if you don’t mind!”

The girls worked and worked. Then Marie-Grace said, in a merry tone….


“They’re ready to go in!” She slid them into the oven and sighed a sigh of relief!


“Great! Do you think my icing should be darker?” Elizabeth asked. “Yes, here’s the green coloring!” Marie said to her sister.


“Let’s let these cool for a few minutes. then we’ll ice them.” Marie informed.


“They look delicious! They’ll look great in the Cafe!” Elizabeth said in delight.

So did you like it? I did!


Dolls: Marie-Grace, retired historical, Elizabeth, MAG #57

Elizabeth’s outfit: Shirt is from Closet4Chloe Pants from AG Shoes from AG

MG’s outfit: Shirt is from AG, pants from Closet4Chloe

Scene: Iced brownies are from Etsy, Other stuff is made by me, or is from Target or AG.

Kitchen is made by me

Love you!



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