A Visit to Santa Land! (Day 13)

Hi! So since my Mom works at a college, they had a special day where all graduates and staff at the college could come to this store and it wasn’t opened to the public! (It’s normally REALLY crowded around this time of year) I didn’t take my dolls, but I took some pictures, and I wanted to show you! 😀 I can’t say the name of the store because if you Google it, you’d know where I live. 😛 We did go to the “Santa Land” there and it was pretty stinkin’ cute.


Snoopy! You can even see the adorable penguin! ❤


We absolutely loved this little guy! ^-^


It’s Emmet! 🙂


More penguins! I love their hats! xD


Does anybody else think he looks like the polar bear in Elf?


Elsa face looks way too pale! xD


And then we got our Christmas tree! It’s already up and we’re going to decorate it soon! 🙂

So, I hope you enjoyed! See you tomorrow!

Love you,



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