Christmas Photos & A Fun Find!

Hello! 😀

I’m shoving two posts into one, and making it quick ’cause I got to go practice my prayers for church. 😛


Marie-Grace: How come I’m in the back? Lizzie: THAT WHITE MARK IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. I FELL ON THE DRIVEWAY. Saige: I do look rather dashing. Isabelle: This sweater is too itchy.

Hmm…. Don’t we have interesting Christmases?


Our friends gave us this cute little gingerbread house. It is edible, and is from The Dollar Store. I would recommend not leaving it in your room too long, as it may attract ants. 😛

I hope you have a great day, and I’ll try to have a Christmas haul on both my blogs tomorrow, and I’ll be heading to Columbus on Saturday, so I might not post all weekend. Have an amazing Christmas, with lots of love,



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