The Yoga Catastrophe ~a Photo Story~


~The Yoga Catastrophe~


“Ughh…no one has posted anything on Instagram for the past 3 minutes! I mean, I’m following 336 people, and no one can post anything.” Isabelle complained to herself.


“Hey, Izz! Get it? You’re Izz and I’m-” Elizabeth started. “No. Don’t call me Izz, Elizabeth.” Isabelle argued. “OK, fine. I’m going to my yoga practice. Wanna come?” Elizabeth asked.


Isabelle shrugged her shoulders. “Sure. Why not?”


“OK, Isabelle. This is where I practice.” Elizabeth explained. “Why are there candles in here?” Isabelle asked. “They add a relaxing touch to the scenery.” Elizabeth told her. “And why is there this stupid music in here? I think we should listen to Uptown Funk!” Isabelle cried. This is going to be a long afternoon. Elizabeth thought to herself.


“Here’s your mat, Isabelle.” Elizabeth handed her her mat.


“Uhh…the tapey-stuff is stuck to me, Elizabeth!” Isabelle cried. “Isabelle. That’s elastic.”


“OK, we’re going to start by doing a simple exercise. I’m sure this won’t be too hard since you’re a dancer and all.” Elizabeth explained to her older sister.


“And just reach your toes!” CRASH! “Isabelle….Are you OK? Isabelle?”


“OK, why not we do splits? Just remember, don’t go too far down or you might get-”


“Elizabeth! I’m stuck!”


“Now, we’re going to do Downward Dog. This move is easy! All you have to do is go in a push-up position!”

“Uhh, Elizabeth. I may have gone down a little too far!”


“Listen, Izzy. Although I had such a fun time doing yoga with you, I think it’s best if-” Elizabeth started. “I get it. I don’t really think yoga is my thing, anyways!”


GUYS. I might get a YouTube account! My parents are thinking, and I really hope I do!

Umm…I guess that’s all. Have a nice day? IDK xD

Love you,



37 thoughts on “The Yoga Catastrophe ~a Photo Story~

  1. This is a great story. I like how Elizabeth handled herself. I’m not nearly as calm. It’s good the girls could try something new and decide if it is something to continue or not. Keep up the good work.


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