look out world, she’s 13

{look out world, she’s 13}



I walked down from the patio, breathing in the fresh air.

“Ahh..” I sighed. The date was April 2nd 2015.

Wait…? That date is important, right?

I was 13 years old.

At exactly 10:13 am I was born.

I was officially a teenager.


I know most girls would think about being closer to driving, but I had something else in mind.

This year I could be accepted into the highest ballet company in Pennsylvania.

I could go to world competitions!

I could become a famous dancer at 13.


1 year sure changes you, am I right?

Then I heard a voice hum the tune to “Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Isabelle! Happy Birthday to you!” My sisters sang in unison.


I laughed as my sister, Elizabeth came over, Saige at her heels.

“Happy Birthday Izzy!”

“Thanks,” I smiled, giving my sister a hug.


“Hey, what about me!” Marie Grace called.

“Hey, sorry!” I said.

She smiled and gave me a hug and wished me happy birthday.


“Look out world, she’s 13!” Saige called as she walked over to me.

“Hey Saigie!” I smile

“Do not call me Saigie.”


We then opened presents.

which was the highlight of the day except for cake of course


I open three birthday cards, each unique and different. ^-^


I especially loved Saigie’s Saige’s card.


I received this adorable fox! πŸ˜€


I got really awesome legwarmers. (guys seriously they’re heaven)


These awesomely epic slippers.


And Marie made these amazing pillows for me! They’re so soft! πŸ™‚


I hugged my sisters, thanking them for the greatest 13th birthday, ever.



I learned today that my sisters will always be here for me, no matter what I go through.

Whether it’s dancing


Or just



Hope you enjoyed.

love, the most fabulous

ella elizabeth


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