the girls

Elizabeth Marie Holden


Adventurous, outgoing, and full of ideas, Elizabeth is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Elizabeth is full of confidence, and doesn’t care what her siblings think of her. Although she is picked on for being the baby of the family, she always knows her sisters love her. Elizabeth is very smart and thinks outside the box. She loves singing and the piano.

Birthday: April 25 (13 years old)

Favorite Color: mint green

Favorite Band/Artist: the entire Hamilton playlist!

Hobbies: taking pictures

Saige Noelle Copeland


Saige is the artist of the family. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or even scribbling, she is doing something involved with art….or horses. Saige adores horses, and hopes to someday own her own. She also has a heart for dogs. If she’s not painting or riding, she’s playing with the dogs. She is currently hunting the local shelters for a terrier that she can call her own. Saige also is addicted to Pinterest, just like Ella.

Birthday: October 8 (14 years old)

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Band/artist: The Lumineers

Hobbies: Riding horses, painting, stalking Pinterest.

Marie-Grace Amelia Gardner


Marie Grace is the oldest and “mom” of the family. Even though she is often teased for acting like a mother, she knows her sisters do love her. She loves studying history, and is very quiet. When you first meet her, she is very shy, but as you get to know her she is very sweet. She enjoys cooking and makes a lot of the meals for the family. She hopes to one day visit France. She is very kind and helpful to all of her sisters.

Birthday: March 3 (14 years old)

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Band/artist: anything she plays on her piano

Hobbies: Reading, baking, playing violin

Isabelle Claire Palmer


Isabelle is the dancer of the family. Dancing is pretty much her life. She’s also a “social butterfly” as some would call her. She basically livesΒ on her phone and is obsessed with Instagram, Tumblr, Twiitter, etc. Isabelle also loves cats. She hopes to adopt a cat very soon.

Birthday: April 2 (13 years old)

Favorite Color: Coral + Gold

Favorite Band/artist: Adele

Hobbies: Dancing- it’s basically her life.

Charlie Grace Rey


Charlie is the internet girl of the family. She loves making videos, and hopes to open a YouTube channel soon. She also enjoys blogging. Charlie loves pugs and bulldogs, and owns her own bulldog, Abi. Charlie also loves photography. She is very sweet and loves having fun with her best friend, Parker.

Birthday: May 9

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Band/Artist: Twenty One Pilots and Hamilton

Hobbies: Photography and playing volleyball

Luna Willow Caroline Abbot


Luna is a quiet, book loving girl. She loves Harry Potter, and was named after Luna Lovegood. She loves playing tennis. Luna hopes to one day travel the world and become a well known photographer.

Birthday: October 22

Favorite Color: pale pink

Favorite Band/Artist: Halsey

Hobbies: Tennis and reading

Olive Matilda Clark



Olive is a loud, excitable girl. She loves traveling to new places and she loves animals. She plays club soccer and takes care of shelter dogs on the weekends. She has traveled basically anywhere in the US, and spent last winter in Australia.

Birthday: April 29

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Band/Artist: Anything!

Hobbies: Traveling and soccer


42 thoughts on “the girls

  1. Hang on…you live in PA?

    For real? Or am I reading Marie-Grace’s story wrong…

    *dances around house*



    Anyways…you have a wonderful collection, I love all the pictures! All their personalities are so cool! =D



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